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Here you will find tips to enhance your shoot. Scroll down the page to our FAQ section to answer most questions. Please contact us for more info and rates.

10 Ways to Feel Relaxed and Sexy
During Your Session

1. Focus on Having Fun
Focus on having fun, not on how to look perfect – that’s your photographer's job. If you're having a great time, that will show through in the photos. Having a good time is sexy!

2. Visualize
Visualize yourself having a great time before the shoot even begins. Take a few minutes out of each day leading up to your shoot to imagine yourself, out on the floor, doing what you do, feeling sexy, everything going smoothly, then seeing the photos and loving them. Get as specific as you can: the more you visualize, the more you'll be ready!

3. Get Inspired
Look at your favorite magazines, films, models, lingerie store, art, etc to begin
recognizing your personal style - what do you think is sexy? This will help you communicate with your photographer and make your shoot go more smoothly.

4. Give It All You've Got
Bring your sass, confidence, and power. Be open. The best shoots work with clients who don't hold back.

5. Be Sensual
Use your senses during the shoot to make yourself feel sexy. Taste your favorite wine. Wear your best perfume. Compose the perfect outfit that makes you feel like a vixen. Listen to songs that turn you on. Do whatever you need to do to make you feel hot!

6. Be Silly
As soon as you start embracing your silliness, all shyness goes out the window. Be a ham! Goof off and have fun! Test yourself to see how outrageous you can be – it is easier to have to you "tone down" rather than "fire up". Go for it!

7. Embrace Your Movement
Don't know how to pose like a model? Then don't! Be natural! Move in ways that make you feel sexy, and keep it different for every shot. Do you know how to flirt? Have fun with your session, "flirt" your way to those perfect shots.

8. Remember Why You're Here
Simply being in front of a camera is sexy - it’s powerful and vulnerable at the same time, and if you keep in mind what you plan to do with these photos, you'll be even more driven to do your best.

9. Become an actress 
Don't feel particularly sexy today? Put
yourself in a new character - be your favorite sexy movie actress, celebrity, or model - imagine whatever you need to get that sexiness flowing.

10. Be Yourself
If acting it isn't your style, be who you are (that's usually the best route!) Be
comfortable with who you are, in the moment. Don’t wait around to lose a few pounds or change your hair color -- embrace the you of today! You are sexy and beautiful exactly as you are.



The photo shoot can take from 90 min. up to 3 or 4 hours depending on how involved the final product will be

No, absolutely not. Your privacy is our main concern.

Normally, you get to review and purchase your images immediately after the photo shoot. We will give you expert advice on the selection of your photos and explain what options are available.

We require a $100.00 deposit to secure your date for your Photo shoot. On the shoot date, the remaining balance is required prior to shooting. After you view your images, upon selection of the desired photographs a minimum 50% deposit is required for any additional items not included in your original package. The balance is due upon delivery. Cash, Check, PayPal, CashApp, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card are accepted. Deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred to a future session.


Our normal turn-around time can be as quick as just a few days up to as much as 3 weeks, sometimes a little longer if the order is substantial in quantity and design. Special consideration is given to time sensitive orders such as last minute gifts. We will make sure you have this information before you leave the session.

One of the primary reasons is usually to give as a gift. However, many of our clients have undergone some form of cosmetic surgery or have lost unwanted pounds and feel good about themselves. Many reasons vary, some just want to show off. Others feel they want to document how they look now to enjoy in later years. For whatever reason, we will ensure an unforgettable experience and images the you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Absolutely not. We will guide you through every step of the way to insure the most flattering images of you.

You name it! With our technology, we can effectively retouch & remove cellulite, scars of all kinds, stretch marks, small tattoos, skin folds, chipped nails & teeth, acne, skin blemishes as well as remove veins. Though fees vary, we can retouch as little or as much as needed to satisfy your request. We welcome ALL body types.  In short...You don't have to be a model to look like one!